IMPORTANT - Please read the information about the Fall Windows 10 Update!!!
  1. SOLVED and Fixed: The "Can't create NEW" problem that has plagued us ever since Windows 2008 Server came out. Pippy gave me the hint that led to the answer after a lot of Sherlocking on site at DHART.

  2. The REPORTS folder can now be redirected anywhere you want. The first time you run the program (ON EACH WORKSTATION) after installing the update, the Paths Configuration screen will be seen, with a new line for the Reports path (that defaults to the old path). Change it as desired, but make sure each workstation that does this points to the same place.

  3. Metro OCC updates: Now more graceful when the Metro Aviation server is down. Canceling a request now asks for tail number so an OCC number can be generated, per Metro's request.

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