IMPORTANT - Please read the information about the Fall Windows 10 Update!!!

The newest version of Status Monitor has many, many improvements over the previous versions.  While maintaining the speed of the previous versions, StatWin also includes all of the following improvements:

  • Supports the latest Internet based paging protocols

  • Provides a real-time display of what your vehicles are doing

  • Provides a real-time listing of Active and Pending transport as well as confirmation of pages and faxes being sent

  • Faxes with the built-in Microsoft Fax driver - no need for outside programs

  • Full 32-bit multi-threaded program - does faxing and paging at the same time

  • Can be run in display-only mode on multiple workstations

StatWin can also publish a web page for you!!  Want to allow others to see the status of your vehicles, or do you want to have your organization to have access to current vehicle status?  Then use StatWin to publish a web page.  StatWin can create and FTP a web page to any web server where you have publishing permission. 

Program requirements - 

  • Currently running AeroMed Software version 6.2.X or WinAMS and Advantage Database Server

  • Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional in order to use the built-in faxing capability.

  • Full-time Internet access to use Internet based paging services

  • To use TAP (Dial-access) paging and faxing, the Microsoft Fax Driver and a fax/modem must be installed in the computer running Status Monitor


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