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WinDS - the Dispatch Module for Windows - is an integrated, real-time transport dispatching program used to log incoming requests, find coordinates of landmarks (hospitals, airports, road intersections, towns, mile markers, etc.), create a transport plan, dispatch the unit and then track the unit to it's destination.  It is mouse, menu and hot key driven and it is FAST - the units can be dispatched as quickly as the information is gathered.

  • The Dispatch module can be used with the Aeromap or Transport Management modules or as a stand-alone system.

  • Dispatch Advantages:

  • Handles rotor-wing, fixed-wing, and ground vehicles.

  • Includes database of all US towns, airports and Navaids

  • Calculates navigation for entire transport plan; displays nearest aircraft/vehicle to scene.

  • Displays navigation information, radio frequencies, and LZ descriptions in pop up windows.

  • Tracks up to 995 vehicles simultaneously; unlimited pending request queue.

  • Tracks vehicles in real-time. Easily shows current position and nearest airport, trauma center, base and hospital as well as other locations.

  • Prints downtime logs (weather, maintenance) and productivity statistics.

  • Creates an automatic chronological activity log of everything that goes on in the dispatch center.

  • Network multiple dispatch consoles.

  • Eliminates hand-written forms!

  • Automatically sends alphanumeric and/or digital pager messages to dispatch units, send trauma alerts, update weather status, etc.


Screen Shots

Status Screen | Dispatch | Flight Plan | Request Info | DUAT Weather




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