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The Transport Management Module can be used independently, or can be used as a companion to the Dispatch or Continuing Ed modules.  All information entered in one module is available in the others so that duplicate data entry is eliminated. 

Transport Management Advantages

The entire medical record can be entered enroute by using the point and click menus and typewritten fields. Vital signs can be downloaded directly from the Propaq monitors. Help lines and data validation help ensure correct data entry.

Billing is simplified with user definable reports. Patient charges can be calculated automatically.  You define how you would like to itemize medical supplies, crew and transport time, and services.  The program creates the reports or electronic export.

Insurance reimbursement forms can be generated automatically, either single printouts for one patient or as a batch.

The Mail Merge system, coupled with the AMS information on hospitals, physicians, and EMS agencies, enables quick and efficient mass mailings for marketing and follow up reports.

Quality improvement reports are another key feature of the program. Data entry and follow up are audited for completeness. User "do lists" are printed to prompt crew members to enter missing data. QI summaries and tables allow a quick visual check for compliance.

Statistics and Reporting

Reports give you access to the information you need.  Among the included reports are:

  • AAMS Monthly Summary reports

  • Transport Requests by Type and Disposition

  • Source, Destination, and Weather

  • Patients by Sex

  • Hour of Day, Day of Week, Duration

  • Medical Category and Diagnosis

  • Medical Category by Referring Agency

  • Referring and Receiving AgenciesReferring and Receiving Physicians

  • Transport Crew Activity

  • Procedures performed by Crew

  • Time and Mileage Summary

  • Non-Chargeable Transports

  • Pilot/Driver and Aircraft/Vehicle Logs

  • Daily Logs, sorted as desired

  • Personal Transport Logs

  • Monthly Charge Summary by Transport and by Charge Item

  • Florida, New Hampshire, and NEMSIS Gold or Silver Exports

Screen Shots

Run Information | Run Summary | Demographics | Times | Vital Signs



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