IMPORTANT - Please read the information about the Fall Windows 10 Update!!!

Computer systems designed specifically with YOU, the communicator, transport crew member, or administrator, in mind

AeroMed Software is a complete, Windows based data management system for critical care transport programs.  It directly addresses the needs for aircraft or ground dispatch, flight and transport following for ground or air units, record keeping, statistics production, billing, patient followup, continuous quality improvement auditing, continuing education, and marketing - the entire paperwork monster

AeroMed Software uses a friendly Windows "point and click" and drop-down pick list system to enter data and choose options for the user, minimizing typing and erroneous data.

AeroMed Software has several complimentary modules:

  • WinDS - provides rapid dispatch and transport following for ground and air transport units.

  • WinFMM - provides for charting, resporting and statistical gathering as well as clinical and marketing tasks, tracks the continuing education, certification requirements, and skills maintenance of your crew members as well as procedures performed both at your service and other services.

  • Physicians Response - streamlines the operation of a Physician Referral/Transfer center operation.

  • AeroMap - provides real-time satellite based tracking for all your vehicles.

  • StatWin - allows an overview of what all your vehicles are doing along with a listing of pending and scheduled transports.  Also handles all pgaing and faxing.

Want more information?  Contact our Sales & Support staff at 855-AEROMED.  We look forward to meeting all of your Programs Transport documentation needs.


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