IMPORTANT - Please read the information about the Fall Windows 10 Update!!!

New fields: In order to satisfy new FAA requirements, on the Run Info screen of Dispatch request edit two new checkmark fields have been added: Weather Turn-down and Other Air Services Responding. These are on the first screen to remind the communicator to ask these questions and convey this information to the pilot and crew. The results are printed on the request sheet as well. In order to make room for these fields, the NEMSIS fields Mult. Patients and MCI have been moved to the Miscellaneous screen.

Maintenance log wasn't including entries that crossed month boundaries. Fixed.

New Export: Reports->Export->Cabin Temps creates an Excel spreadsheet of cabin temperatures.

When Cabin Temp exceptions occur, a note is entered into the Comments field. It was stuttering, i.e. entering the note every time the request was saved. Fixed.

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